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Dear Customers,

Indonesia Free Tips is a free football platform that connects the football bettors all over the world. Our main goal and priority is to facilitate our customers in achieving higher profits through improving the essence of your bets and providing you with useful information about how to implement your betting stragey into a successful long-lasting winning plan. The team of Indonesia Free Tips offers always at least 2-3 free football tips daily with additional info for the upcoming events. In case that the program for the day is abundant in events, we can offer you extra free tips.

Our team consists of 3 members/tipsters, each specialized in analyzing and picking tips from one or a couple of the major European leagues, as well as the European tournaments. All betting selections could be included.

Our Predictions 24.06.2021
Match Prediction Odd
HJK ? : ? KTP 1/1 1.50
Bodo/Glimt ? : ? Molde BTS-Y 1.44
Stromsgodset ? : ? Sandefjord 1/2 HT 1.53
D.Zagreb ? : ? Sered 1/1 1.61
Lindome ? : ? Qviding Over 2.5 1.60
Copenhagen ? : ? Hvidovre 1/1 1.61

Our Predictions 23.06.2021
Match Prediction Odd
Slovakia 0 : 5 Spain Under 3.5 1.50
Sweden 3 : 2 Poland BTS-Y 1.83
Germany 2 : 2 Hungary 1/1 HT 1.66
Portugal 2 : 2 France BTS-Y 1.83
Portoviejo 2 : 0 Santo Domingo 1 DNB 1.57
Lahti 0 : 0 HIFK 1/2 HT 1.72

Reliable Tips Providers

Chuck Ryan

I raised in Sydney, Autralia in a family of English immigrants. My origin explains that I have had a football DNA since my birth. I have been a relatively experienced football tipster for more than a decade, facilitating a lot of bettors winning consecutive lucrative profits in a raw. But that was not always the same…

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In the past I used to make numerous rash and hasty decisions that caused signifficant harm on my personal finances as well as to the bettors using my services.  I have learned from my mistakes and turned to additional method that boosted my success in predicting football events. Initially I wanted to study the rivalry just to see if I was the only mediocre and poor tipster in the world. I had subsribed to the services of many other ‘decent’ tipsters. Some of them were successful but the most offered events with extremely low coefficients that the bets were not worth placing it. Even I missed to tell you that in 60 % of the cases the predictions were wrong and that caused additional harm to my personal finances. I was in a complete mess. Moreover, I even thought of giving up betting, although that was my greatest passion. Suddenly, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I started creating an elaborate method for predicting of football matches based on statistical and analytical indicators. Of course, I will keep in secret the essence of those indicators as I had spent years in finishing and implementing it successfully. So, I could be described as the Mathematician of our tipsters’ team. Follow my predictions, and let’s win together!

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Shinta Ratu

I was born in Djakarta, Indonesia in a family consisting of four women – my mother, my two elder sisters and I. Yes, I am a woman. You are absolutely right. And regardless of my gender, I could state with merited complacency that I have been a successful tipster since I was 18 years old. As such I could share my experience and give some useful tips to bettors all over the world…

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To be a really decent tipster, you should use some qualitive and quantitive indicators to predict football events. And most importantly, the really good and professional tipsters always use elaborate statistical, mathematical or analytical methods to pick their predictions. That composes only one part of picking successful predictions of course. As a women I own natural insticts beyond any theoretical and reasonable explainations. I do not want to sound unprofessionally and bereft of any competence in the football betting sphere but I always and definetely use those instincts in picking my predictions. Of course, initially after I make a deep research for the teams including current forms, style of play, tactics and etc. As you can guess, I am the Tender part of our tipster’s team. Do not be biased to fact that I am woman, just follow my predictions and compare my monthly records. Let’s win together!

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Adi Bima

Hello dear customers! My name is Adi. I was born and raised in the capital city of Indonesia – Djakarta. I had a professional experience as a footballer in a team from the lower divisions in Malaysia. But as I could not reap major success as a player I decided to turn all my energy and passion in another field – the football betting industry. So I became a tipster. At the beginning I used to bet only for pleasure without aiming to gain any profit…

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But suddenly I realized that I was good, I was really damn good. I had to use this gift combined with my experience as a professional football player. That was my vocation from God. Although I managed to become financially independent only by betting, I could not feel any piece of satisfaction. Definetely I was not following the path of my gift, my vocation. I was thinking of a way how could I help to the bettors all over the world ? I had the knowledge, the experience, the passion. So I decided to prepare football predictions for free – sounds too unselfishly, doesn’t it ? Yes, it was, and that was not the smartest decision I had ever made. Numerous sites offering paid football predictions were seeking to approach me. I was quite naïve that I agreed to provide them with my predictions absolutely for free. Unfortunately I did not realize that I was causing harm to the bettors by making them pay for my free tips. Then I terminated my realtions with those sites and I decided to start working for a site offering free football tips – And for a couple of years I have still been working here, collaborating in achieving our mutual goal – to provide help to the bettors all over the world to boost their profits. As you could guess, I am the Practitioner of our tipsters’ team. Follow my tips and let’s win together!

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Bronze Vip Tip – Over 1.70 Coef.

The price demanded for purchasing Bronze Vip Tip corresponds to the third best performance among our tipsters.

30 €


Silver Vip Tip – Over 1.70 Coef.

The price demanded for purchasing Silver Vip Tip corresponds to the second best performance among our tipsters.

35 €


Gold Vip Tip – Over 1.70 Coef.

The price demanded for purchasing Gold Vip Tip corresponds to the BEST performance among our tipsters.

40 €

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  • You should be over 18 year-old to use our services.
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